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Investing in French Property


Investing in France

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The economy is not in great shape, as we are all too aware, and as banks have only recently started lending again, mortgages are available, yet only if you have a hefty deposit to lay down on your desired property. So investing in property in the UK is most certainly not as fruitful a venture as it was before the dreaded credit crunch, but there are property investments rout there that most certainly are.

French leaseback investment is a very attractive avenue for investors to go down, and is becoming more and more popular with UK citizens mainly because of the limited restrictions and relative ease with which your investment is put into place almost with immediate effect.

Due to French leaseback legislation you are guaranteed a tax free rental income through your invested property – this is stated in a legally binding lease contract which is solicited and signed as part of the complete package. Unlike leasehold properties in the UK, you will not be obliged to pay any management fees and you will not be blighted by hidden costs. What’s more, if you invest in a new-build property through the French leaseback scheme, you are entitled to claim back the VAT (currently 19.6 per cent in France).

Why people waste their money investing in pensions I just do not know. There have been so many horror stories regarding pension fund collapses in the last few months that the thought of millions of people in the UK still ploughing hard earned money into pensions just makes me feel sick. The problem being is that many people are still wary of investing in anything outside of the UK.

French leaseback could not be more to the contrary. It is a very safe means of investment and with a legally binding contract guaranteeing a rental income, what more would you want as a means of gaining confidence from a prospective investment?

With France very much still a desirable place to live and visit, it really is an attractive investment opportunity for anybody looking into securing their future financially. The south of France is obviously the most sought after destination to either live or holiday, with such beautiful and prestigious regions as Nice, Cannes and St Tropez.

Then of course you have the French Alps, the perfect mix of fresh air, blue skies and lush, white, powdery snow. The Alps is the world’s most popular skiing region boasting such fantastic ski resorts as Chamonix, Grenoble and Chanbery, with such highlights as Mont Blanc and Chamonix Valley.

Areas close to Paris are also sought after and will command a decent return through rental income and with transport links improving throughout the French capital, the pull for people wanting to live or visit is increasing. And of course France has some of the most picturesque and ‘lassez faire’ regions in Europe, such as Provence and Burgundy, with their windy cobbled streets, gites clad with beautiful flower laden window boxes and wooden window shutters, the fresh smell of baguettes and croissants from the local patisserie, the fruity, crisp wines and relaxed way of life representing a few highlights.

So if you are in the fortunate position to be able to invest in something during this current recession, cast your mind further afield – not too far though, as France really does take some beating in terms of property investment

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